Music is a powerful tool for communicating and bonding with our babies and children.  That is why all leading daycare providers and preschools use it.  I've trained professionals and am now releasing a musical parenting course to quickly and easily give new parents those same skills.  It's called Mommy Jingles.  Click here to learn more.

Interview About Mommy Jingles

Click the logo to check out Mommy Jingles!

Click the logo to check out Mommy Jingles!

What Others Say

“Amy Robbins-Wilson’s ‘Mommy Jingles’ course offers new mothers (as well as early childhood teachers) a wealth of ideas on how to sing through the day with your child, and how to ease transition times through song. Amy recognizes the special bond created when mothers sing to their babies, and shows you how easy it can be to incorporate music into your day!”

- Sarah Baldwin
Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, and owner of Bella Luna Toys
Thomaston, Maine

“Amy’s songs are so easy to learn, easy to remember, and FUN! She literally has a short little jingle to help ease you through every part of your day with your child. The songs can be used from birth through the preschool years. Amy makes you feel good about singing to your child even if you think you’re tone deaf. This course is absolutely amazing!”

- Jennifer Saleem, Hybrid Rasta Mama