"The Angelsong meditation which you led for our group was incredibly transformational and healing for me.  As you called in the angels, I felt much lighter than I have in a while, and I could feel some difficult energy clear in me, which I have be unable to release through other healing modalities. Later in the week, I had a healing experience with a person in my life, who has always been a great challenge to me, a person who I have had a lot of fear around in the past. For the first time in my interaction with her, my predominant emotion was compassion for both of us, and I was able to take responsibility for my part in our past difficulties and release my resentment. Thank you so much for sharing your gift in the world Amy."

♥  Jennie Sheldon, astrologer  odetopluto.com

Over the past twenty five years, Amy has developed a unique form of sound healing work which combines a capella sound healing performance with energetic healing.

Her voice has been described as “angelic”, “crystalline” and “a whisper to the soul.”  She uses her unique and extraordinary voice and the power of intention to open transformational space within which listeners experience a renewed sense of well-being.  As one listener commented about a session,“ I love how it both stills me and fills me.”

Amy currently offers a limited number of Angelsong Sound Healing Sessions and Angelsong Awakenings by appointment at Ananda Yoga and Wellness in Belfast, Maine.  She also sings the weekly Angelsong Yoga class at Ananda which combines sound healing and gentle Yoga suitable for all levels. 

Angelsong Sound Healing Session (1-5 people) are designed to clear and enlighten your energetic system to reduce stress and disease while improving health and happiness.  You will remain seated during the session.  All you have to do is relax, breathe and let go of anything that no longer serves you.  Come lighten up with sound!  (45-60 minutes) 

Individual or two people: $60 

Three people: $90 

Four people: $120 

Five People: $150 

Angelsong Awakening:  These are sessions done on a massage table and take an hour and a half.  They are designed to help with deep healing and times of transition.  These are an hour and a half and are $100.  

  For more information, write to Amy using the Contact Form.

"I recently had my first musical healing session with Amy. She has the presence and the voice of an angel! Tears came to my eyes as I felt a release and a letting go of things that I no longer needed to hold on to. I felt my body relax and feel lighter. I felt my vibration rise as she sang to me. I have always believed music to be healing, and it was amazing to literally "feel" myself healing! I will be a lifetime client of Amy's healing music. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!"

Bodhi Simpson, art therapist, co founder of Vast Horizons



"Amy, you have a unique and beautiful gift in the soundscapes you create. I have been truly blessed to have experienced continual healing and expansion during these sessions. It is my hope that you will continue to help countless others with their spiritual journeys be it in person or virtually. Know that this is your calling becoming realized."

Jennifer of Regina’s Spices

"My experience of the angel song circle was one of the gentlest healing filled with love. I found my mind quietening, and my whole body relaxing as I put myself in receiving mode. Amy's voice carried a pure energy, and I could tell I was in the presence of someone with a genuine gift ofr healing with the voice. After the session, I was peaceful and open. For the next few days I noticed increased energy and clarity, especially mentally. Since the angelsong circle the ringing in my ears has been a lot more manageable. I intend to connect with the angels more consciously as a result of the Amy's work. It was a beautiful healing experience."

Phyllis Capanna, author, musician, artist