The Diary of Josephine Knight

diary of josephine knight cover imageThis is the diary of a teenage girl, Josephine Knight, who kept this journal from January 1885 to August 1888 while living in Searsmont, Maine. She went to school off and on in neighboring Camden. When not in school herself, she taught and gave music lessons. She traveled to many nearby towns including Belfast, Thomaston, Boothbay, Rockland, Hope, Liberty, Appleton and Northport. Josephine was a keen observer and provides us with extraordinary and often humorous accounts, of teaching and growing up in Maine, of Native Americans and gypsies passing through town, and deaths at sea. She also provides us with insights into the mundane and often repetitive work of the times. “Mother washed. I ironed.” She also paints a complex picture of her relationship with her father and the behavior of others. Josephine’s diary will be of special interest to those in the fields of Women’s Studies and Maine History as well as anyone who is curious about life in the late 1800’s. It gives us a remarkably clear view of life before cars, radio, TV, and the internet.

Divine Hours of Motherhood

Divine Hours of Motherhood Cover ImageThis angelic collection of comforting prayers and soothing lullabies is sure to capture the heart of new mothers and their babies. It was composed and performed by Amy Robbins-Wilson, the author of Transformational Mothering-A Prayerful Companion for New Mothers. A beautiful way to softly celebrate the divine hours of motherhood from morning Lauds to evening Vespers; these prayers and lullabies reframe motherhood as a divine and spiritual practice which blesses both mother and child. By itself or in combination with Transformational Mothering-A Prayerful Companion for New Mothers, it makes a thoughtful and unique baby shower gift.

“This is the CD I wish I’d had during my first year of motherhood. As a new mother, I thought I knew what to expect. I knew that my baby would be up at night, but I didn’t expect the hours to be so intense and I didn’t expect the loneliness that I sometimes felt. I sought a spiritual framework for the hours of mothering and found it in the monastic hours of prayer. Thinking about my time with my son as times of worship transformed our relationship and my life. I began to write lullabies and prayers and suddenly I had rituals that blessed my son and me. I was not lonely any more. Motherhood became my spiritual practice.

In this collection I hope that you will find comfort for you and your baby as well as a voice in the darkness.”

Blessings on your journey,

Lullaby and Goodnight

Lullaby and Goodnight Cover ImageLullabies are our first musical imprints. They calm and sooth babies and are important for brain development as early childhood music lays the foundations of a baby’s vocabulary, language and listening skills.

Lullaby and Goodnight is a Kid’s Music Award winning collection of 33 lullabies that includes traditional lullabies, Celtic and Irish lullabies, angel lullabies and original baby music. This lullaby music is performed a Capella, without instruments, by Mom’s Choice Award winning recording artist Amy Robbins-Wilson.

Amy holds a masters degree in song from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick and she’s also a mom. Her voice is pure, soft, simple and soothing and has been described as “whispering to the soul” and it is filled with a mothers love. This relaxing and healing music soothes and comforts babies and their parents alike.

Lullaby and Goodnight has over an hour of lullaby music including popular favorites like Brahms’ Lullaby, Hush Little Baby, Toora Loora Loora, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Sleep My Baby, and All Through the Night.

Inside the jewel case, there are links to two bonuses; an informative video about the importance of a baby’s sonic environment and a downloadable lyrics book to support parents in singing along.

This music opens a peaceful space of beauty and serenity for all who listen and makes a wonderful gift for new moms and babies.

Give the baby in your life the gift of this award winning pure, simple and gentle baby music. Buy Lullaby and Goodnight today.

Transformational Mothering

Whether adopting or giving birth, Moms Choice Award winning book Transformational Mothering: A Prayerful Companion for New Mothers by Amy Robbins-Wilson provides the comfort and inspiration new mothers need in those confusing and transformational first years of motherhood. This beautifully written book of prayers, poetry, affirmations, and stories acts as a guide by addressing the emotional issues associated with becoming a mother, from infertility to time spent in the neonatal intensive care unit to sleepless nights. Whether single, married, working, or a stay-at-home mother, all will find inspiration here, as well as a deeper understanding of their journey and that of other mothers. It is a moving and unifying tribute to motherhood in all her forms.